Quick notes on our vineyard work

The first part of our 2013 vineyard year has been all uphill!

We started off with a winter that was long and snowy, and spring too left us with too little sun and good weather, which considerably complicated our daily work in the vineyards. Just take May, for example, which presented us with a full 19 days of rain!

Consequently, vine growth started off late with respect to previous years, and flowering concluded in fact only at the end of June.

Right now, the crop looks fine and consistent, with good-looking, loose clusters. The berries that are forming are not close-packed, which will ensure good cluster health, avoiding the attacks of mould that overly-compact clusters can encourage.

From May until today our vineyard work has centred on green pruning and tying-up, which entails tying the shoots to the support wires and training them vertically; then mechanical hedging crops off the shoot tips above the highest wire.

This has just been completed, and the vineyards look gorgeous right now, since the rows appear almost “military” in their presently-cropped state!

Davide Ferrarese



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