Slow Wine 2023

Slow Wine 2023

Vita – Representative company of the Castellari Bergaglio area is located in the Rovereto area, a hamlet of Gavi. We met Marco Bergaglio who today runs it, enhancing the history of the family, which has long been a protagonist in the production of Gavi. Precisely continuity is synonymous with the security of constant and linear work, based on healthy shared principles.

Vineyards – The headquarters are in Rovereto, and here the vineyards are grown on marly and limestone soils, while other owned plots are in the municipality of Tassarolo, characterized by red clay. Maximum attention is paid to the sustainability of the agronomic approach, a side on which we work with strong sensitivity.

Wines - The thousand faces of Cortese could be the title of a writing on this reality, the peculiarity of which is to carry out a production centered on this symbolic wine of the territory, of indisputable qualities.

Gavi del Comune di Gavi Rolona 2021: Intense olfactory approach, it is a wine that has depth of substance, well supported by the acid shoulder

Gavi del comune di Tassarolo Fornaci 2021: Here we find a more delicate profile, territorial in its fruity scents accompanied by mineral notes. Beautiful linearity on the palate, supported by a slightly savory finish

We had the pleasure of re-tasting the Gavi del Comune di Gavi Rovereto Vigna Vecchia 2018, which welcomed us with rounded evolutionary notes; the intensity of the polta gives citrus hints and an important structure. Another tasting of the Gavi Pilin 2015, from my grandfather's nickname: here I perceive a conscious use of wood that gives persistence and new sensations every year